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Black To the Moon - 3-D
Kristina Hughes ~ Supporting Role
Voice Over

Kristina Hughes has just recently wrapped a supporting role
for the 3-D animated full-length feature film "Black To The Moon".
Kristina voices the character"Laika" a cosmonaut dog.

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Quick Clip!
Watch Kristina in this Dramatic Clip
from "Deep Into Dardistan"...

After a complex terrorist plot to take down a jetliner succeeds,
FBI Agent Sue Burks (Kristina Hughes) travels the globe to
piece together who was responsible. What she discovers not only
shakes the foundation of who to trust... but also reveals her own
unwitting involvement that caused the terrorist attack in the first place.

A Scene to be Seen!
Watch Kristina
in the Comedy Pilot, "Squabbles"...

In the office comedy pilot "Squabbles"
Kristina plays the role of 'Jennifer' - the recently made CEO of a MAJOR tech company (think "Apple"). This position was just given to her through an inheritance after her father passed away (think Steve Jobs).
She was only good at spending her father's money her entire life...
now, she has to actually earn it by filing her father's shoes.
Can she keep the shareholders happy?
Can she keep the Board of Directors in line?
Can she focus on silicon chips and not stilettos?


"Kristina Hughes plays a wonderfully
unstable 'Ali' and she shows a
great range and stretch in character."

Kristina's movie "Green River" was reviewed by Fangoria!
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Kristina Hughes